Sunday, 16 September 2007

World's spittiest tongue-twister

protest protestant protocol protoplasm prototype protract proud prove proverb proverbial provide providence province provincial provision provisional provocation provoke prow prowess prowl proximity proxy prude prudent prudential prune Prussian pry psalm pseud- psychedelic psychiatric psychic psychical psychoanalysis psychological psychology psychopath psychosis psychotherapy psychotic pterodactyl pub puberty public publican publication publicity publish publisher pucker pudding puddle puff puffin pug pugnacious pukka pull pulley pulmonary pulp pulpit pulsar pulse pulverize pummel pump pumpkin pun punch punctual punctuate punctuation puncture pundit pungent punish punishment punitive punk punt puny pup pupil puppet puppy purchase pure purgatory purge purify purist puritan puritanical purity purl purple purport purpose
Not really. It's from the OED quarterly update notes, commenting on a particularly rich section of the dico, from proter to purposive.