Friday, 7 September 2007

Go Justine

In about an hour or so, or thereabouts, perhaps approximately.

Gotta love this little stick-insect of a World Number One. Her compatriot Kim Clijsters at least looked well-fed and muscular, with that thing she did with her legs. Henin looks more like a distance runner: emaciated. But her muscles must be like steel ropes. She wrapped up Serena and sent her home in a very bad mood, so bad that the Williams family started playing their stupid amateurish mind games. Tonight our time they'll send out the second wave, in the form of Venus. A formidable challenge. I'm predicting Justine will have a fight on her hands, which she will win, probably in three sets.

Well, you have to pick her, don't you? Who could ever love the Williams clan? Not me, not John McEnroe (who thinks Justine is the dog's) and not anyone with any soul.

Watch this space in the coming hours to see me go arse over tit and have to eat shit in the aftermath.

Oh well. That's tennis.