Sunday, 16 September 2007

Sumpn funny

You get 50 invites to give to other peeps when you sign up to Google, right?

So I've used about 20 to set up aliases and accounts for others, and about ten I've handed out. And yet every time I use a bunch (the correct collective noun) my total goes right back to 50 again.

So my question is: are the elves coming in by night and making shoes new Gmail account while I'm asleep?

And a nother thing: is it me or is everyone else's Gmail capacity shooting up skywards like some kind of rocket-propelled rocket? First it was 2300 KB, then it went up and up and up and up and now it's 2900, and who knows where it's all going to stop! Soon my Gmail account will have more storage capacity that the entire University of Oppenheimer had in the year 1945. More even that the whole Computing Department of the University of Turing in the year when he did that thing he did, you know the one.

So what's it all about?

Observational comedy, that's me.