Thursday, 6 September 2007

Tech news

So Steve Jobs has announced all that amazing Apple stuff.

Isn't that great? He really knows how to be a tech-announcing guy.

More blogging when we've had a chance to take it all in. Notice to all my non-tech friends: sorry if you're feeling a bit left out by all this. I'll get around to explaining it to the lower orders once my head has stopped spinning!11!!!LOL!!1!

UPDATE: Seriously though, best tech news in a million years: Google Reader now has search. How many times have you thought, now where did I see that interesting factoid? but you couldn't remember where? Now you can find it easy-peasy. GR Search will go back through the posts you've read in all your subscriptions -- including other peeps' Shared Items.

Oh, and it's got a back-button now, too. Suck on that, Jobsy!