Thursday, 6 September 2007

The thing I love

This is quite simply what I love about my adopted homeland of Blogovia: I'm posting to you about Jason Kottke the famous blogger (now back in the saddle) drawing my attention to some dude who has noticed a remarkable resemblance between the cover design of David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest, and the Nike tennis shoes worn by Andre Agassi in 1991.

Okay that's totally stupid, you're thinking.

But he's right! No way is that an accident. See for yourself.

And the thing about it that is the thing I love most about Blogovia is this: how could I ever have found something like that out before blogs? I couldn't've. Even Jason Kottke (he's a new daddy, you know, only not that new any more, so like maybe, dare I say it, the novelty has worn a little bit off, which we're not supposed to say but I think every father in the audience will agree with me) couldn't've.

The world with the blogosphere is like the world with the Internet, but split up into all the facets of an infinite polyhedronal prism, with each view seeing the world in a slightly different way, from a slightly different angle. I mean, my best blog pal, whose posts I'm always impatient to see, runs a blog on Cupcakes, Cats and Shooz. Who could have imagined such a thing would ever happen?

Sorry for gushing. I just think it's all so like wonderful sometimes?