Saturday, 8 September 2007

Bush almost killed by terror comedians, only not

A fake motorcade dressed up to look Canadian (and therefore harmless) was mistakenly admitted to the security ring of steel surrounding US president George W. Mush this week in Sydney, where he was attending some conference or other, who cares?

The fake motorcade contained a bloke dressed up as an Osama look-alike (photo), with staff carrying passes with the clear mention "Insecurity" (photo). Despite this they were waved through by police until they reached the penultimate level before entering the president's own personal aura, when they decided the prank had gone far enough.

They were, as you probably know by now, TV comedians from the popular satire show The Chaser's War on Everything. They have been charged, and the police chief of Sydney said he was "angry" -- because his men might perhaps have been forced to shoot them dead London Underground-style, causing deeply traumatised firearms officers to be forced to go off on a long holiday. Not that the police need much of an excuse to shoot people dead.

The stunt (the word drips with venom when pronounced by Chiefy) makes it abundantly clear yet again that most security measures in this ridiculous TWAT (The War Agin Terror) is nothing but theatre and has no security justification whatsoever.

Anyway, bloody funny, mates. Here is a video from the news on the incident. And here is a segment from the show itself. YouTube has umpteen videos from the show in general, and it's all good stuff, as hours of my lost time can testify.