Friday, 14 September 2007

Squealy girls take cover

The above giant spider web was constructed in Texas (where else?) by thousands of different spiders of various kinds, all working together like good little construction workers, except the spiders presumably turned up for the job and didn't require all that many cups of tea, milk and eight sugars ta.

It's a mammoth piece of work. However, it doesn't look to me to be too clever as an insect-trap, in my humble non-arachnoid opinion. Surely they'd have been better spreading out a little bit more?

Watch out, funnel web weavers, sac spiders, orb weavers, mesh web weavers, wolf spiders, pirate spiders, jumping spiders and low-jawed orb weavers (according to this report): evolution doesn't make concessions for your pretty architecture. It either works or it doesnt. No more slacking off, now, hear?

(official Tx entomology report)