Friday, 7 September 2007

Red in tooth and tooth

This the scariest thing I've seen recently, and once again I'm reminded how glad I am not to be some small fish-type dude. News has just reached us that the Moray eel has not only a set of fearsome jaws at the front, but another set of fearsomer jaws halfway down his throat. So he gets hold of you with his exterior visible chompers, and then as he holds you in his death-grip, his sekrit hidden gnashers come up his throatal region and bite you some more. Horrifying.

Not only does the site have X-rays and diagrams (though not my highly technical language, of course) it also has a Quicktime movie where you can see the effect in motion on a piece of calamari alla romana or eel equivalent.

Last time I go swimming off the coast of Moray, I can tell you.