Saturday, 8 September 2007

May Contain Nuts contains nuts once more

I just posted a little story to the dormant multiblog May Contain Nuts, which I'll be able to do more easily now I'm using ScribeFire, a terrific help if you have more than one blog and want to post to all from the same place.

If you were involved in the previous incarnation (UKWYA), feel free to start up again. I'll be posting wacky stories in link form, usually, and saving my home-spun comedy stylings for this blog, The Bulletin and of course The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. I'll have to make a new blogroll for contributors, who have to a man abandoned their old blogs and started new ones. That's the kinda crazy wacky mixed-up nutty kidz we are. Okay, not kidz.

If you have a story for MCN, send it to That's a real address. Just remember:

Four nuts, not three
That's the way to contact me.
Four nuts, not two
Is all you have to do.
Four nuts, not five
And everyone will thrive.
Yay nuts!

There now, that isn't too complicated, is it?