Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Really don't know clouds

Speaking of cover versions of Joni Mitchell songs, as I was not so long ago, did you know there have been 2,387 covers recorded of 136 of her songs, by 1,855 different recording artists? And what's more, this being the Geek-O-Net, they're all collected together in one place?

Well, not the songs, obviously, since it is her own website and it's a fair bet some or many of them will be desperately dire. Still, who knew cool musicians could find houseroom for such anorakey pursuits? And when I tell you you can search the lists by song, by artist and by the frequency of coveration, I know you're going to curse me for the loss of a whole afternoon goofing off.

Here are the Top Ten songs of Joni Mitchell covered by other people:

Both Sides Now (545 times)
Big Yellow Taxi (200)
Woodstock (160)
River (133)
The Circle Game (131)
A Case Of You (106)
Chelsea Morning (76)
Urge For Going (55)
All I Want (52)
Carey (46)

Quite a gap there between first and second place, although I'm surprised anyone would want to cover BYT at all. But Monty Alexander thought he would give it a go, as did Linda Barbarino, Scottish shout-rockers Big Country, Cher, Captain Smartypants, Counting Crows, Bob Dylan (who he? -- Ed.), Percy Faith, Green Day, Klaus Niegratscha and the Northeastern University Downbeats.

The top spot is a more understandable choice for the coverationists, since it's actually a song. Nevertheless as well as top talents like Chet Atkins, Paul Anka, Cilla Black, Glenn Campbell, Natalie Cole and most notably Judy Collins, it's also been covered by the following narrow escapees from the clutches of musical fame:

Babs, Alice and Titti
Morty Baumann
Julie Bonk
Brother Love Canal
Ayshea Brough (shout-out to Seventies era British lovelorn boys)
Max Bygraves
Randy Cannon
Sharon Cuneta
Blossom Dearie
Ken Dodd
Dust & Ashes
Eishu (gezundheit!)

and many more.

Great site, with lots to while away the hours.