Sunday, 3 June 2007

Loose ends

Because of all that dicking about with code to make the label cloud, I'll have to squeeze all my waiting posts into one, so here goes:

If you don't feel like waiting for Google to implement its image search tweak allowing you to specify faces in your search, there's a Greasemonkey script available that does it already. And it works. For Greasemonkey with Firefox, and if you're not using the Monkey you're missing out on good stuff. And it's easy as pie, trust me, I'm not just saying that as an expert label-cloud codificator guy.

Web Worker Daily road-tests the main apps for note-taking online, and surprise surprise Google Notebook comes out top -- admittedly from a thin field. We here at Grapes 2.0 use Google Notebook extensively, with half a dozen notebooks on the go as we speak, covering blog subjects, work links, choir-related stuff, and so on. It's all online, so you can read your notes from anywhere. You can also share with others, or publish them to the wider world.

How to survive in the subway, joining a long list of subway posts. I call it the subway because that's what it's called in Glasgow, and it's the best word for it. Londoners have the Tube, which is baby-talk. Paris and Brussels have the M├ętro, which is not even accurate. Other cities have other names. I'll stick with my roots. But I mean trains what go under the ground, okay?

I saved this guide to making paper aeroplanes for Boy, 9. But you can have it too, I suppose.