Sunday, 3 June 2007

Good cover

Since we've been looking at some bad covers, how about a good one?

This version of a pretty pisspoor Beatles song was so earth-shattering, the guy who sang it has basically been living off the glory for the last 40 years. Unfortunate about the musicians covering for the lack of backing singers by doing Monty Python soprano parts, but still.

The only other good cover I would bother mentioning is this one. I always hated the Rolling Stones and still do. Dreadful cocky English pastiche pisstakers, not an original note ever penned or played. Ghastly fucking white-boy blues sold to suburbanites who wouldn't know any better. It was a foregone conclusion they would end up with knighthoods, hobnobbing with Royalty, how could anyone not see it?

But I digress.