Monday, 4 June 2007

Share and share again

UV asked if there was some way to include a clipping from a web or blog page without being subscribed to the feed and going the Shared Posts in Google Reader route.

I can't think of any, but I suggested another alternative. It so happens, it's something I've been planning for myself, so I might as well do it now.

Google Notebooks are another of those online applications Google is full of, and allow you to save clippings from the web in one handy place. If you use one of the extensions available to IE7 and Firefox users, you can clip links or snippets of text without leaving your browser.

I have seven notebooks running at this time, for various areas of activity, or for particular subjects of current interest to me. They're all of them stored online, which means you can access them (like all your Google gadgets) from any computer anywhere with just your log-in and password.

And you can share them, either with a select group of people (like the one I'm keeping for the Choral Society website development) or with the world at large.

To bring this back to Miss Ultraviolet's needs, I've opened a new notebook which I'm going to use for snippets of interest from the entire web, and not just those parts of it that come through Google Reader. This will be in addition to the Shared GReader posts, the blog, the other blog, the third blog, the Tumblr page, Twitter and Usenet.

The notebook is called CommonGrapes, and you can subscribe, should you choose to do so, here.