Sunday, 24 June 2007

Nonsensical headline

Here are some of the issues that most upset the readers of newspapers, according to the ombudsman of the Chicago Tribune, though the complaints will doubtless be pretty much the same the world over. See how many of them you agree with.

In no particular order:

inky smudgy pages
paper wet from rain
cartoon missing
mistakes in the crossword puzzle
bad grammar
nonsensical headlines
missing sections
improper use of accents
waffly anecdotes
faulty local geography
disappearance of share prices, horse racing results

Actually, I agree with all of those, including the wet paper, because the delivery guy leaves it sticking out of the letter-box even if it's raining. I don't mind the ink so much (I wash my hands a thousand times a day) except when I transfer it to my face and walk around all day looking like Al Jolson.

And so on.