Monday, 11 June 2007

Loose stools

Time for another one of those round-up things you have to do when the links all pile up and you just can't keep control. When blogging becomes a matter of mopping the floor without turning off the leaking whatever it is.

So anyway here we go:

Win a free Moleskine notebook.

Scientists uncover the part of the brain that causes déjà-vu.

Generate your own Boing Boing post.

Find the right name for that Web 2.0 project you're toying with.

Write killer e-mail subject lines.

Podcasts on every subject under the Sun.

Fascinating site devoted to the counter-tenor, and why he's not the same as a contralto. In French, so even more arsey than you might expect.

Long-anticipated lame joke about scientists uncovering the part of the brain that causes déjà-vu.

Document repair tape, a useful tape for use in repairing documents.

Brussels' new trams are 32m long, or 1/40th of the length of the Golden Gate Bridge; and 43 m long, or 423 times the length of the human tongue. Measurement conversions by Weird Converter.

A counter-tenor weighs as much as 232.6 cans of soft drink, or 1/3 of a baby grand. Roughly. Weird Converter again.

Peeps kissing themselves. Ah, the joys of Photoshop.

The old idea that old memories get shoved out of your brainal area by new ones might just be spot-on after all, says an article covered in New Scientist. (via)

1984 is the book that best defines the 20th century, according to a Guardian poll. And the 21st, as much as we've seen of it.

Star Trek fan decks out crib as Enterprise, sells it for a bundle. (via)

Italian researchers have found the very air of Rome contains traces of cannabis and cocaine, reports Yahoo. (via)

That's enough links -- Ed.