Sunday, 3 June 2007

Ups and downs

From the ancients, people retained the idea that "hot" and irritating substances like chilies, cantharides (ground up beetles, aka Spanish fly) and nettles would replenish the store of masculine warmth. Phallic-shaped foods like leeks and celery, or foods producing flatulence were also recommended. (Erections were thought to be powered by abdominal gas.)
Oh, were it only so, for which of us would not outshine Apollo himself!

From an article on erectile dysfunction through the ages, only reading it for the classical allusions honest, not having any problems in that department etc.

For example:
In the classical world, who you did it to mattered less than the way you did it; an elite male always took and never gave pleasure. Receiving fellatio from another man carried relatively little stigma, but nothing was more shameful than performing cunnilingus.
So that's my excuse, then. I am more an antique Roman than a Dane. Not that there's anything wrong with Danes.