Sunday, 24 June 2007

Caught napping

I'm a great believer in napping, I fully support the culture of the siesta and I'm delighted that the scientific community is finally coming round to agreeing with what any fule kno: if you take a nap in the middle of the day you'll feel better and perform better.

This guy is all on about polyphasic sleep, and polynapping, which apparently involves replacing normal sleep patterns with tons of catnaps, which just goes to show that you can go too far with even a good idea. Naps are supposed to be in addition to sleepy bye-byes at night in your snuggly bed, nitwit!

Anyway he's prepared these MP3s which you're welcome to download from his page. You stick them on your iPod, choose how long you want to nap for, then switch on. You'll get some noise-cancelling white noise for the requisite length of time, followed by some disruptive wake-up sounds. And if you still won't shake a leg, some extracts from the Padilla Symphony.

I've tried it, and I can attest that I was out like a light within one minute. Mind you, I would be out like a light in one minute if I was listening to a tape of the Band of the Coldstream Guards, so I'm not the world's best test subject. Give it a try yourself to find out. Being able to sleep fast is a very useful talent. It should be encouraged. In fact, they should give out degrees.

Good night.