Friday, 22 June 2007

Law have mercy

A post that really should be Archer territoire. We join the thread in media res. The respondent to a threatened action contacts the complainer, after having seen off his Lionel Hutz:

A bit of well-intentioned advice:

1) in my experience, no lawyer who does real-estate law is top notch.

2) any lawyer who claims 12 areas of expertise has ZERO areas of expertise.

3) if you have copyright concerns, you want to deal with a lawyer who does copyright, copyright, copyright, and nothing but copyright.

A good copyright lawyer would have told you during the free phone consultation that renting out DVDs is deeply settled law, and is fully legal.

I hope that Mr. Robert H. Tourtelot doesn’t charge you too much,

If you’re going to be in the business of producing copyrighted work, you really want to find a halfway decent lawyer.

Now, here’s the great part: the opposing attorney flew off the handle and ranted about me to his client, while keeping me CC-ed.

Read more of this hilarious tale here. [Google cache link because the original vanished]

CORRECTION: the whole thing is here. Including a new episode posted after the above, and then a sudden denouement. A Sopranos-style ending, if you will. All very dramatic. As one commenter suggested: Denny Crane.