Monday, 4 June 2007

Yes to the Yes Men

According to my email, the Yes Men are planning another stunt. Here's what they say:

Dear Friends,

In under two weeks, the Yes Men will speak on behalf of what may well be the world's nastiest company at a very important conference. We've got foul plans - but we need your help.

The last time we asked for your money, your gifts enabled us to present the Halliburton Survivaball to insurance industry lawyers. This time, our plans are about three times as tasteless, weird and elaborate. And they're about as expensive: two hundred stinky-poo props don't come cheap.

If you can help, please visit here (ignore the part about shipping and sales tax).

You'll hear what you've done very soon.

The Yes Men

Sounds good -- BUT. If they've already done Halliburton, who can the "world's nastiest company" be? Shell? British Aerospace? Tesco?

Can hardly wait to find out. The Yes Men stunts are spectacular. Check out the link above for lots more details of past triumphs.