Monday, 4 June 2007

Already Fallen

Cinema audiences these days are unspeakable sub-human filth, so it's no surprise to find someone like me, who as a child went to the cinema at least once a week and often more, eschewing the practice entirely these days when it's for the purpose of consuming the products of the Seventh Art. I have gone with the kids in order to make an occasion of the whole thing, but you wouldn't catch me dead in there among the wallowing, texting, slobbering Cola-fuelled, popcorn-stuffed ghastly talking shitbags that pass for customers these days. No wonder the cinema companies herd them into massive factory complexes and stuff them full of worthless crap through every available orifice: it shows how they're regarded as even less worthy of consideration than the average battery hen.

Imagine my chagrin, nay my pique, then, when I discovered that not only had I seen one of the 25 Best Movies You've Never Seen, but I'd in fact seen the one that comes in at Number One.

The film is Falling Down by Joel Schumacher, starring Michael Douglas and you all know how simply dreadful it is. Yet I did see it, on TV it's true, but that still counts, and now I'm paying the price.