Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Mocking the Scoot

This makes me fucking howl with laughter. These cunts started a war with no thought for the people who would die horribly on their own side or the enemy's.

However, put one of the fuckers in the firing line under threat of spending a proportion of 2.5 years in hail, and all of a sudden their sphincters give out.

Let's not forget, Scooter Libby was happy for an undercover agent to incur personal danger. More likely, he was happy for her contacts and collaborators in the field to be faced with arrest, imprisonment, torture and perhaps summary death.

But when it comes to his own case, the full weight of the law needs to be invoked because ... people might mock him.

You fucking bet they're going to mock you, Scooter baby. Speaking of which, can a fifty-seven-year-old man called Scooter really not be immunised to fucking mockery yet? And as a supplementary, isn't it time mockery was given its proper place in the arsenal of political commentary?