Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Bees all you can bee

On the one hand, anything coming out of Squidoo is likely to be some lame-o trying to sell you something unspeakable.

On the other hand, I am worried about the bees and this hive-leaving thing they're up to. So when I got the newsletter alert on this Squidoo Lens, I went to look, and it is a handy primer on the situation.

And when you're thinking they're not really selling anything, along comes the trolley, with T-shirts and whatnot from CafePress. I might even give in to the urge to buy, were it not for the fact they're the same T-shirts etc I'll soon be selling on CafePress myself. On behalf of a Good Cause, obviously.

Still, I digress. Save the bees!

A bee pictured yesterday, debating whether to go home