Sunday, 21 October 2007

Question for Rowling

Okay right if Dumbledore was gay, right, how come he was played by Richard Harris right, and then by that other guy right, wossname, Gambon, and not by, for example, Ian McKellen, who is in fact gay as a threepenny-bob row of tents?

Surely Dumblebore's gayness occured to Joanna while she was writing him, which is prolly why she omitted every single slight hint he might be gay, obviously to protect him from Muggle wrath. Because obviously Muggles have no trouble with wizard professors, so long as they're straight.

It couldn't be that Joanna has noticed sales slipping, and wants to gee them up a bit, could it?

Does she not have enough money yet? Perhaps she could let us know when the billions have reached the required level. Something we're still waiting for Bill Gates to do, I may add.