Sunday, 7 October 2007

Lap of luxury

Last night before going to bed, having spent the evening at quite a dreary party, I was fitzing around on the Intertubewires, and came across three luxury items I shall add to my wishlist just as soon as I get a moment off from this crazy mad blogging merry-go-round.

Luxury bed with built-in TV so I can snooze through episodes of House without having to get off the floor and go to bed afterwards.

Luxury tower home so I can see something different every time I gaze out of my window unable to concentrate for a second on what I'm supposed to be doing. The variety will surely put paid to the procrastination.

Luxury floating houseboats just because houseboats are a dream. I think I'd like to end my days driving a barge up and down the rivers of Europe, with a bike and a dog, not particularly taking stuff anyplace, just going. A bike and a dog and some kind of satellite interblog connection, obviously. And Foxfire and Googlewires and Le Tube de Vous and all that too. I'm not a bleedin Spartan innit.