Monday, 15 October 2007

The Not-So-Long Goodbye

Death is a bitch. On the one hand, you have a boner that just won't quit. On the other hand, you look like shit, bad skin, British teeth, dirty clothes. You can't have it both ways.

That, at least, is what we hear about death from the characters in Babylon Fields, a zombie crime drama series made for CBS but apparently not picked up after the pilot. Extracts of which you can see here.

I'd have thought they were onto a winner. With the exception of Ray Stevenson's ropey American accent (he was the sidekick legionary Titus Pullo in Rome) it looks perfectly acceptable to me, and it goes without saying, ten times better than most of the shit that's on.

Never mind. Maybe they'll release a DVD. Or maybe with all this buzz Babylon Fields will rise from the dead
for real -- geddit?