Sunday, 28 October 2007

Pet peeve

People who turn on their automatic out-of-office mail responder on evenings and at weekends.

I fucking know you're not working on Sunday. I sent you an email today because it suits me. You don't have to tell me you'll be back in the office on Monday, because I know you work for the EU Commission, and therefore do the very minimum allowed, and sometimes not even that. In fact you're such a dispensable, lowly drone that I'm surprised anybody ever expects any answer from you that isn't, "Yes, sir". So you're not fucking fooling me into thinking there are people pestering you for decisions 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Important people don't turn on their auto-responders. They have their PAs deal with everything. That's how I know you're not important.

So spare me the update on your weekend activities, I didn't ask. I sent you a message for you to read. Just read it and STFU. Over and out.