Saturday, 6 October 2007

Don't bother to watch

Quoting from the TV listings sent out by the BBC:

10:15 Postman Pat (Digital Widescreen) Postman Pat and the Magic Lamp. Children’s animation. Postman Pat and his cat Jess deliver the post to residents of Greendale. There’s Mrs Goggins, Mrs Pottage and the twins Tom and Katie, Reverend Timms, PC Arthur Selby, Dr Sylvia Gilbertson, Ted Glen, and many more. The children make three wishes on an old lamp that they find. One is for something funny to happen - Ted gets a bucket stuck on his head and Dr Gilbertson frees him. Pat tells the kids that wishes are just fantasy but you can make them come true with hard work. (R) (T) (S)

I mean WTF? They gave away the whole story! Haven't these people ever heard of spoliers??~~!!?