Saturday, 27 October 2007

Don't panic, grab the Gucci

Lifehacker, clearly with the California situation in mind, asked what people would pack if they had half an hour until an evacuation.

Check out the comments, most of which are nuts. These people will be fleeing for their lives with more stuff than the Joads took on their trip from Oklahoma. Obviously they'd spend the half-hour dreaming up reasons for carrying as much as possible -- stuff like a cordless drill, screwdrivers and other tools. What for?

An evident sense of lack of panic among the readers of Lifehacker.

The best of all: "Luggage. Chances are, you are going to be moving quite a bit in the near future. Good luggage is indispensible." Obviously a lesson all those shabby Darfur people could take to heart. I mean, have you seen those people?

Lifehacker dudes head for the hills, yesterday