Thursday, 25 October 2007

Happy ending

One of the happiest news stories of the month was the arrest of this guy:

who thought he was being all clever by digitally altering his picture (left) little realising that you can digitally de-alter the picture by running the same feature in the opposite direction (result, right).

I rejoice to imagine the fucking leap his heart must have made when he saw his own filthy mush in the papers worldwide, after somebody at Interpol, having been like "Hmm, I wonder if you could do this ...?" then released the pictures. Of course it's always an occasion for celebration when a dirty sex tourist abuser is arrested, but this one is especially delicious because he thought he had got it all sorted. He put the anonymised photos out himself, obviously thinking, I'm on top of this, nobody can ever touch me with my Photoshop skills.


He's now been arrested. Not such a fucking arrogant look in your beady little eyes now, eh Christopher?

Perhaps you're reflecting on the fact that being brutally molested when you're hardly big and strong enough to do anything about it has now become a two-way street. That it isn't just a problem for little boys any more.

Have a nice time in prison, Christopher Neil.

Here's the good news from Interpol itself:

Christopher Paul NEIL, a 32-year-old Canadian man identified as being the person in a series of child sex abuse photos posted on the Internet, was arrested by Royal Thai Police on 19 October.

Sour Grapes says: Jolly good show, chaps. Well done.