Sunday, 28 October 2007

The end of this blog

So right Google has revised its Page Rank erm rankings, and this site has dropped from like ten million eight hundred thousand fourhundredteen and blankety twelve to only a paltry sixteen million thousand and two!

I mean WTF? I've never had a bad word to say about Google in my life. I use all their products/services. I subscribe to Google Food, Google Sleep, Google Sex and Google Leisure in preference to the real thing. My offspring are all Google Kids. When I go outside (brrr!) I get assailed by Google Weather and none eather other.

So why you no show me some-a respect? Why you no invite-a me to yo home? Instead you come to me widda Godfatha this anna Godfatha that ...

Sorry, wrong whinefest.

Have you seen them? Gawd, you'd think anybody GAF about their stupid Page Rank.

Boys, grow up. The only thing the world cares about is, does your site/blog have any importance to me. Well, that's what I care about, of course. Who gives a shit what the rest of the world thinks?

I had to laugh devilishly at the fact that the biggest whipped-cur-like yelps came from guys who do nothing but shadow Google and write about every molecule of every fart Google lets off under the blankets. Google Tutor, Google Blogoscoped, Google Operating System. Tick-birds one and all, and now they're all surprised and offended when the giant beast they've been loyally servicing all this time shakes itself and sends them all sprawling into the dust.

* The title for this post comes from something that's not.