Sunday, 12 August 2007

Scarlet letter

See that scarlet letter off to the side there? Click on it, read the toxic post by the nutcases whose idea it was, then go to your blog and put one up in a post or a page-element if you fit the bill. Let's spread it around. Here's a little bit of code to make it work. I'm using their own blog as the image source, not strictly kosher but who cares. If they don't like it, fuck 'em.

Code to C&P:

#a href="">#img alt="Boris for Mayor" src="" title="Worn with Pride" border="1" #/a>#br>
#i>Click letter to find out#/i>

Replace every # with a caret sign to make it into code (I had to muck about to stop the code rendering as an image). You might want to change the words and the alt tags, I dunno. Need help? Shout.

UPDATE: PZ Myers of Pharyngula has posted a better widget here. And it points away from the nuts, who on examination seem to be spoofers -- but who can tell?

UP-UPDATE: Someone over there -- in another context -- coined the term "athier than thou", which is too good to be left unstolen.