Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Normal service will be resumed as soon as "possibly"

I really hope hard-core Grapes peeps are watching my Shared Items on Google Reader, because that's about all I'm doing at the moment, catching up with what's been going on in my two-week absence with barely a moment to blog about anything. To make matters worse, so many issues have arisen that the sheer size of the To-Do pile is intimidating me into silence.

That's probably for the best, actually. For all our sakes, not least Mrs. Grapeses's.

For Shared Items (which means all the stuff I've seen on other blogs that you'll get a kick out of) see the widebar sigdet. And speaking of bling, I've had a cull, and executed some widgets that were bringing me nothing (Plugoo) or never changing (Plazes) or had outlived their usefulosity (the Grapes bar graph) or were slowing down the loading of the page, whatever that means.

If there's something missing that you used to love, tough shit. Put it on your own blog.