Friday, 17 August 2007

The perils of solitude

The absence of the rest of the family is a perfect opportunity to feast on those things they can't abide. So this evening I'm enjoying a couscous dish with spicy merguez sausages, neither of which go down well en famille. I've just been dipping yellow peppers into some tarama from the Greek deli. Last night I had lamb-chops, which I can't even cook in this house when anyone else is around because of the pungent smell of the lamb (I buy it from a halal butcher, of which there are many around here). There's some spinach in the couscous (Boy Nine likes spinach, influensked by Popeye) and there'll be more later. Tomorrow I think it's cod and crevettes with leeks in a cream sauce and tagliatelle. Nobody but me likes leeks.

I'm going to cut some white onions into quarters now and put them on the grill-plate to cook slowly in the grease left behind by the merguez. They'll make an excellent side for the pork-chop and spinach, or just to pluck in my fingers and eat cold as I pass through the kitchen.

Later I'll be continuing to work my way through the second series of Six Feet Under on DVD from the public library. Two euros for thirteen eps, and a week to do it in.

Did I say I miss my family dreadfully? Of course I do.

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