Friday, 10 August 2007

Home again, home again

Anyway, enough about holidays, which have been over for a week. Since I got back I've been:

  1. Working
  2. Catching up with email
  3. Taking care of choir business
  4. Trying to keep two children occupied in the afternoons (tennis in the mornings)
  5. Catching up with my Google Reader load
  6. For some reason, stirring up the whole of Blogovia because of one comment I made to one person, which has had everyone else jumping through their own sphincters, as someone colourful used to say.
As far as Point 5 is concerned, I have of course made a small collection of links that may arouse your interest. Since that's the only likely source of entertainment or enlightenment in the list, let's get on:
  • The Times considers a name made up of the names of the mums of two chav celebs to be "exotic". Read more about crazy celebrity baby names in what used to be Britain's newspaper of record.
  • Hilarious Shopped photos of stars as ordinary people. Love the John Travolta, can't see what they've done to the Ann Coulter.
  • Naked birds frolic in hot GonG action across the Twin Towers as they explode in ejaculatory ecstasy.
  • I thought "Hitachi finger vein money" was either a Japanese T-shirt slogan or a Yakuza debt-collection practice. It turns out to be scarier than both.
  • Someone's not exactly enamoured of the iPhone. The backlash begins.
  • Competitive Rock, Scissors, Paper -- and not a sign of doping.
  • Ape Lad, creator of the Laugh-Out-Loud Cats cartoons, may be the most creative artist in the world at the moment. Hobotopia is yet another of his projects.
  • Duplo toys of the Most Evil Dudes on the Planet.
  • Some Wired dude sings the praises of Twitter.
  • Shoot creationist bullshit down in flames with this handy cribsheet.
  • Jazz up your photos online with free Pikifx, beloved of Towse.
  • GIMP tutorials, free in every way.
  • How to use, which is also free.
  • Generate a fake name, address and details, all authentic but not real. Not to be used by crooks, fraudsters, stalkers etc.
  • iPod good, iTunes ghastly. Here's how to get rid of it.
  • Guy thinks emails are too cumbersome, reckons five sentences is enough. Includes link to in his .sig. You could too. Also available in four, three and two (whose text still has five).
  • Finally, a cat-pic, because it's the done thing. From Shorpy, my favourite photo archive, which now has a comics section that's ball-achingly funny -- i.e. not a bit. Here's Paree the Cat going on a flight from Paris to London in 1910: