Thursday, 30 August 2007

Say it ain't so

I was just watching a DVD of season four of Six Feet Under, episode five, That's My Dog, in which David picks up this whack-job who kidnaps him and beats him up etc. And I thought to myself, OMG he's waterskiing! And here comes a large fin-bearing fish creature! I'm sitting there, my mouth agape, thinking WTF? Did we just have a Moonlighting in black and white moment? Did the entire cast of Chicago Hope just go into a Bob Fosse-style song'n'dance number, including Hector Elizondo?

I really hated that episode, and I have been enjoying this show. I think it's funny, clever, insightful. Sure, there were times when they went too far. I don't know why Brenda is back when she has nothing to do with the Fishers any more. I don't know who the fuck wrote all the stuff about ART. I hate how Kathy Bates went off on holiday and didn't come back. What was that with Ruth and the guy from the US Office (who was fantastic, BTW, don't get me wrong, but nuzzling like horses??!!1>?!).

So it's had its rough moments. But I'm afraid it just jumped the shark. Tell me I'm wrong, all you who have seen it. I'd like to be prepared.