Tuesday, 14 August 2007

More iPod tricks

Because I've signed up to all these services down the years, using a variety of old and new email addresses on three different clients, it's sometimes a PITA to remember what my login is, or where I might find it. If I could start again I'd have a bit of consistency, but that's the folly of youth innit.

So now I've listed about 45 of them in a .txt file, which I can easily add to if necessary. And I dragged that onto my iPod, which now has disk use enabled. That way I can see what I'm looking for without having to trawl through old Agent or TBird mails.

No passwords, though. I shouldn't think a file like this would mean a thing to anyone who finds or steals my iPod, but still. Besides, I don't need a password reminder, because my password is always JJFLASH, which is what the girls called me in school. Which is odd, because 1) my initials are nothing like JJ and 2) there were no girls at my school.