Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Mappa Mundi

Another excellent way to surf the world: WikiMapia takes Google Maps and allows you to put your own markings on. But then it goes one further by making your places available for everyone else to see. Readers decide whether your places are worth including, and the decisions can be whimsical to say the least. When I went back to look at where I grew up, all the Catholic churches in the area, about six, were marked out carefully. I thought of marking a few more worldly landmarks, but then I realised I'm not absolutely sure things like the public library and the shopping centre still exist.

I am an exile after all. Perhaps that's why I'm so nuts about maps at the moment.

Anyway I will be doing another map of my childhood surroundings soon, from a historical (no, Timpson, notgeological) perspective. All of the places are still there in my mind.

PS: my house is on the left side of the street, with what appear to be white lines round the roof, and two Velux windows, front and back. No stalkers, please.