Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Cease and desist


53 61 90 F0 31 D2 17 B5 EE 71 3F A2 A9 7C E8 11

is my very own 128-bit integer, just like the one used to crack DVD-HD, except no use at all in cracking that or anything else except a haiku.

I got it from the nice people here, and they assure me it's my very own.

If any of you people even thinks about putting it on their website, blog, T-shirt or any other permanent (or in the case of blogs, semi-permanent) medium or material, my lawyers will be down upon the party of the first part like a ton of bricks.

You'll have a legal shitstorm on your hands that will make kerfuffles about comments policy look like a trip to the lollipop shop. So be warned.