Sunday, 27 May 2007

Face transformer

This handsome devil is me, as I was painted by El Greco in about 1610.

I tell a lie. It's a photo of moi transformed by the Face Transformer at St Andrew's University in Scotland, which can take a picture and make it look like another race, oldify or youngify it, turn it into a portrait by a famous artist, make you look like an ape-man and more.

I got it to work in Firefox, but I could only save the pictures in IE. Something to do with pop-up blocking. It's also a bit slow, unless that is you're not lumbered with a wood-fired computer from the Bronze Age like this piece of junk I'm working with now.

I won't regale you with a whole gallery, but here are a couple of portraits:



Incidentally, I'm slightly more handsome in real life, if you can imagine such a thing.