Monday, 21 May 2007

Geek stuff

I am in Ur Firefox, luving Ur hax.

I am totally loving the Bookmark-with-Keyword thingy I posted about the other day, somewhere or other.

What you can do: type a keyword of your own choice in your address bar to go to a regularly visited site.

Why is this kewl: because you don't have to click on Bookmarks, go to the folder, click on the bookmark (once you've found it -- IF you find it) -- see how boring this way is?

What you do instead: go to each bookmark concerned and right-click, choose Properties. Where it asks for a keyword, give it a keyword. So for Wikipedia, for example, you might choose "wiki". Then any time you want to go to the bookmarked Wikipedia page, all you need to do is type "wiki" in the address bar, and YOU GO THERE!

Is that grounds for marrying a Fox and having its, erm, foxlets or what? So far I have keyworded bookmarks thus (try and guess what each one refers to):


Having trouble? Well here's a clue: the Stib is the Société des Transports Intercommunaux de Bruxelles. But what could the others be?

PS If you're having trouble understanding WTF I'm on about, try this:

Firefox 2