Tuesday, 15 May 2007


The wakoopa Top Software widget I've been carrying over on the sidebar there is for the chop, because it does not do what it's supposed to. It's stupid, for example, to mention the InstallShield Update service, as that's not software anyone uses, but a thing that just runs in the background. Apps like Quick Time, Thunderbird and Word are too common to be of any interest, but seem to hog the board over all the small things I use from time to time. And I'm not using Windows Explorer at all, but Xplorer2, which is an alternative explorer, and so should really not be confused.

If it can't get a thing like that right, I have no need of it. I'll leave it there for a while so you know what I'm wittering about, then deep-six it. Let that be a lesson to widget-makers everywhere. I expect performance!