Monday, 14 May 2007

Blog subjects

... are like buses: you wait ages then three come along at the same time.

I'd never given a thought to bento in my life, though of course I'm daily involved in packing lunchboxes. Then I saw a post on another (foodie) blog about a lunchbox blog, and from there to another, and then today to an unconnected third.

I dare say the mothers (SAHMs, and they seem to all be mothers) who maintain these blogs are all a bit too much, a bit too on. Children know when they're being fed with love, and they adore treats, but I don't think they particularly appreciate being served up such precious creations. You wouldn't enjoy eating something someone had invested quite so much effort into.

Having said that, there are great ideas to be had, and to be nicked judiciously and recycled in moderation. Little boxes of cherries and grapes look delicious, for example. And there's an exemplary amount of effort gone into presenting the subject in as attractive a way possible. We should all keep our blogs looking so neat. But ladies, you know. Lighten up.