Sunday, 27 May 2007

Search trick

I'd previously mentioned about typing keywords into your Firefox location bar to go to a pre-arranged bookmark. Now I find you can type all sorts of other things in there. Try these or variations on these:

  1. "andy richter" takes you to his IMDB page
  2. "richard dawkins" takes you to the welcome page for his foundation
  3. "wackford squeers" takes you to a Google results page.
What appears to be happening is that the Fox will do a Google search by default, unless there's an obvious page to go to instead, though I'm not sure how that's determined. In some cases a search, in others a sort of "I'm Feeling Lucky" result.

So, a handy way to make a quick search without even opening a Google window, or using your search bar, which may be set to something else.

Location bar and search bar graphic nicked from Web Worker Daily.