Friday, 25 May 2007

Odds and sods

Here's a fine way to waste a couple of hours, walking round the globe in a straight line. Perfect for columnists.

Here's a story about attempts to close down a website devoted to ratting out rats.

Here are some pretty unusual shooz.

Here's a look at the different city subway systems around the world. Brussels looks like a lobster. Most look like squashed skeeters or crane flies. Beijing's is very odd indeed.

Scathing critique of Britain from the Left, everything from scum politicians to scum media.

Bazza may be the Devil's Advocate or he may be the Devil himself. Best keep on the right side of him just in case.

Index cards that speak for themselves. One to subscribe to.

A list of great books. How many have you read? Heavily American. I mean, James Fenimore Cooper?

Slideshow of photographs of dead and maimed Iraqis, projected onto American buildings by Jean-Christian Bourcart.

Two most amusing cartoons. The second one from here. Can't imagine why this one tickled me.

Wacky warning labels, more scary than funny.

That's enough barrel-scraping for now.