Saturday, 29 March 2008

The world's most valuable blogs

Here are the 25 most valuable blogs out there, according to some SWAG metric or other.

First point to make: how many of them do you read? Well? I can put my hand up to BoingBoing(11) (quite a lot but not all, because they have some screwy obsessions), Neatorama (19) and, er, that's it. I used to read Gawker (1), and I believe Lifehacker is of the same stable, so that partly counts. I once in a while am drawn to HuffPo (3), inevitably to be disappointed when it turns out that Harry Shearer, for example, has phoned it in.

Second point: this guy's 25th on the list. And he doesn't link to a single one of the blogs mentioned. Not one, despite linking being the absolute CNS of the web, and of blogging in particular. How childish is that?