Saturday, 29 March 2008

Things what I hate

"Operation currently prohibited by the disc".

Listen, I own the fucking disc, not the other way round. If I don't want to watch your stupid anti-piracy message, that's my business.

"You must be logged-in to comment".

All right, then you must come round here and give me a hand-job to have me read your worthless blog.

And the people who blog videos from there, thinking they've discovered something. I mean be honest, does the world really need a new source of album covers for Yes?

"To see your results invite 20 of your friends."

Facebook app developers are no better than spammers, only they make you do all the spamming yourself.


Professional networking site LinkedIn puts up a little flag next to your name every time it appears, just in case you still don't know who you are.

"X-Factor Audition

"Made by MaC"

No it wasn't fucking made by MaC. It was ripped off the TV by MaC and uploaded to YouTube. Martin Scorsese makes films, but that's not how he makes them, MaC, you thieving fucker. Oh, and your title-generator sucks Simon Cowell's cock.

And last but not least:

James Cunt, pictured yesterday