Sunday, 23 March 2008

Tasting notes too

Just in case you thought I was completely off the wall with this post, here is a sample taken from this weekend's De Morgen magazine, which looks at four red wines, ten white wines and one rosé. The terms used are mentioned only once here (unless coupled with another): in the magazine several terms are used more than once.

Red wine:

violets, brambles, spices, cherry, blueberry, French oak, eucalyptus, cinnamon, mint, leather, woodland soil, musk, wild strawberry, redcurrant, cloves, gingerbread with glazed fruit, coffee and leather

White/rosé wine:

apricot, apple blossom, saffron, preserved lemon, mango-pit, ginger, petrol, honey, lychees, rose-water, ripe citrus, acacia honey, yellow peaches, butter, vanilla, Provençal peaches, nectarines, vanilla beans, cedar and oak, lightly tobacco-ey, tropical fruit, lactic touches, vanilla custard, peach marmalade, guava, papaya, gooseberry, rhubarb puree, sun-dried tomato, Conference pear, lily of the valley, passion fruit, green herbs, earthy notes, melon, lime, grass

In the same magazine, one page reviews two brands of perfume products using the following terms:

camomile, meadow grass, hay, sun-ripened fruit, green tomatoes, fresh-cut grass.