Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Not working it out

America's great undiscovered old lyrics. A contestant in the last 12 of a major TV talent competition FORGETS THE FUCKING WORDS to a Beatles song. Never mind that he was trying to cover a cover version, which early in the clip he claims to be "familiar with".

Why can't you have people being executed on these shows? Just now and then? I wouldn't necessarily be against the death penalty if people had like signed a waiver beforehand. Gordon Ramsay did it in the season of Hell's Kitchen just ending: he kicked a chef off the show in the middle of a service, summarily axed his ass without benefit of due process or anything.

Why couldn't Simon Cowell do the same to this smirking little creep? If he doesn't have the axe-wielding hand of a Ramsay, what exactly is Simon Cowell for? Mild sarcasm?