Sunday, 23 March 2008

21 penetrating questions

A questionaire via Eden, which I agree to do because it's slightly more interesting than the usual, and because I fell like it, all right?

1. What was the last blog you left a comment on?

O'Tim's, on news of his press awards

2. Favorite black and white movie?

A Night at the Opera

3. What’s in your freezer right now?

Chicken stock, beef stock, fish sticks, bread, parsley, hot-dog buns, puff pastry squares

4. How many pillows do you have on your bed?

Two. One for each of us

5. Do you regularly share your bed with anyone?

Yes. Mrs. Grapes, two cats, one boy (9)

6. Do you sleep in Pajamas, undies, nude, or other?

T-shirt and jammy bottoms

7. If you won $50,000, what would you do with it?

Buy €10,000, if I could find a taker for the greenbacks

8. Something nice you did for someone today?

Nothing at all

9. Something bad you did to someone today?

Mocked him on Usenet

10. Hardest class you took in school?

Maths from about calculus on

11. Ever been in a car accident?


12. What is one food you won’t eat?

There's nothing I won't eat

13. Why?

It's what mouths are for

14. Would you ever eat dog meat?

The meat of a dead dog? Sure

15. What is something as a child you wanted to grow up to become, but didn’t?

French teacher

16. Name one place in the US you haven’t seen but want to?

I've seen all of the US I need, thanks

17. Name one place outside the US?

That I'd like to see? Petra in Jordan

18. Favorite smells?

See this list.

19. If you could pick any game show to compete on, which would it be?

Human Tetris

20. Where did you go on your last real vacation and who did you go with?

To Zeeland in the Netherlands, where we go every year, with my family

21. Your best birthday was for which age?

I don't think I've ever had a good birthday. I invariably enjoy other people's more.