Saturday, 19 January 2008

Stand by to repel boarders

AMERICANS have been given a stark warning about visiting Scotland - don't eat the haggis or give money to drunks.

The advice comes from website

It's compiled from the views of 2000 Yanks who have visited the UK.

Their pearls of wisdom are revealed today and they include some interesting insights on Britian - as well as some plain daft ones.

One wrote on Scotland's national dish: "Haggis. Ugh. Ugh. I am an adventurous eater. I will eat whatever, at least once. But this was nasty.

"It is the sheep's stomach stuffed with its intestines. Eww. It is really bland, too."

Another said of aggressive beggars: "Watch out for Scottish people who've had too much to drink and ask you for money."

While a third said: "They are very possessive of their favourite soccer or football teams. I mean, they go stark nuts about games, teams and players.

"Do not make a derogatory statement in the wrong place at the wrong time.You may be hurt."

Other things that have baffled US visitors include separate hot and cold taps (US fawcets give you a mix), strong drink, queueing, and country roads and lanes.

Some of the advice is useful, such as: "Don't stare at anyone if you're in a pub. They may take it the wrong way and beat you up.

"If you are going to go to a 'small' town, don't get drunk and make advances on the women... I have tried this.... it is dangerous.

"Don't get drunk in a strange pub. Remember that everyone there knows everyone else there - they and their grandfathers have been drinking with each other for 500 years."

Another warns: "Always join the line or queue - if you don't take your turn there's always trouble.

"You may see mobile vans selling food and drink at tourist spots or in laybys. Be wary of these... their hygiene is not always good."

As for the roads, one explained: "It is really easy to forget that they drive differently - their streets are narrow and curvy and they dart around quickly in little Euro-cars.

"Driving in the UK is not easy. They don't drive on the right side of the road, but on the wrong side.

"Careful with roundabouts. You might want to check them out before you drive through one... trust me they can be tricky."

Finally, on drink: "Beware the snakebite, an evil concoction of lager and cider that will, in moderation, cure ahangover, but in excess, give you one that you will not soon forget."

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